Eine Untersuchung zur Strategie in der Energie-Politik Chinas

Name: Chao-Chun Chien
Email: hanschien08@yahoo.com.tw
Thema: Eine Untersuchung zur Strategie in der Energie-Politik Chinas

With the successful economic reform, China has become the world’s factory but consumed huge numbers of resources.  Therefore, I started my research with the relation between energy and economics. I found that Chinese communist government still controls every aspect. Those problems are created by practicing market economy with communist political system. China is still a partial command economy, particular in energy area.

Until now, foreign trade has been the main contributor to China’s economy, but more than half of crude oil and other energy resources depend on import. China is used to consume energy inefficiently. Therefore the more the economy grows, the more energy is wasted. The Chinese government even still controls the oil price[1] and oil supply to inspire the manufacturers by applying low-techs and large number of human labors to gain the economic goal. As a consequence they have to consume much more fuel than western countries, and it produced a lot of greenhouse gas (SO2). China suffers from climate change and environmental pollution, and there are high costs of the economic development. Furthermore, China has 13 nuclear power plants in operation (and 27 more in building) and many high energy-consuming firepower plants are to combine with the prosperous petrochemical industries.

So, if we trace China’s economic development from the point of view of energy strategy, we can directly find structural problems and dilemmas in politics, economics and society.Hence, the Beijing authorities must solve the problems such as the congestion of cities、natural disasters and energy resources insufficiency and so on. The most significant mission for the Chinese government is not only to reach the goal of the economic development, but also to establish a rational resources deployment system and an optimal energy strategy in the era of globalization.

As a result, my study will attempt to research the dilemmas and prospects of Chinese domestic economic development through the view of energy strategy, and analyze the rule and function of central government.

[1] http://oil.usd-cny.com/