Einladung zum Vortrag von Ven. Kaiyin 開印法師, Santavana Forest Hermitage, Malaysia

13. November 2018

Invitation to a Dharma Talk in the Institute of East Asian Studies of Leipzig University. On Wednesday November 14, 18:00 – 20:00, S202, Schillerstraße 6, our lecturer will be Ven. Kaiyin, from Santavana Forest Hermitage, Malaysia. The title of the lecture is “Loving-kindness——The Path to Happiness.” Earlier that afternoon, there will also be a pre-lecture seminar on Buddhist meditation hosted by Prof. Philip Clart, which provides a great opportunity to have a conversation with Ven. Kaiyin. Both lecture and roundtable discussion are free and open to all. No prior experience in meditation is needed.


The lecture is a Dharma talk open to public, which will cover quite a few interesting topics on Loving-kindness meditation. No prior experience in meditation is needed. For the pre-lecture seminar the main participants are scholars and graduate students, but participants of other backgrounds are also encouraged to come!

Host: Sinology, Institute of East Asian Studies, University of Leipzig萊比錫大學漢學系

Time: November 14 Wednesday 2018 18:00 – 20:00 (1.5h lecture + 0.5h Q&A)

Place: S202, Schillerstraße 6

Language: Mandarin with English translation

Translator: Ven. Chanzhen禪真法師

Pre-lecture Event

Roundtable Discussion: conversation with Ven. Kaiyin

Topic: Buddhist Meditation

Host: Prof. Philip Clart

Language: Mandarin & English

Time: 15:15 – 16:45

Place: S302, Schillerstraße 6


Ven. Kaiyin is the abbot of Santavana Forest Hermitage in Malaysia and the chairman of Santa Monastery in USA. He is active in Buddhist scholarship and pedagogical practice. His academic expertise is on Buddhist meditation and contemplative practices. He has rich experience in directing Seven-day Chan meditation retreats.