Cultural Studies and Japan

Mitteldeutsche Studien zu Ostasien

Autor: Steffi Richter und Annette Schad-Seifert

This volume of collected essays treats “cultural studies” not as a discrete academic discipline but rather as an intellectual habitus adopted by academics from different fields whose research agendas are grounded in the everyday life of people acting in their own interest. The essays seek also to illustrate that the authors are aware both of the constructed nature of their research objects – in this case the “geographized” object “Japan” – as well as of the political implications of their constructions. Identities in modern Japan are to a high degree a result of processes of discursive engagement with the “West”, on the one hand, and with “Asia”, on the other. The articulation of “Japaneseness” by different discursive agents had varied connotations and practical consequences depending on the historical context in which they originated. This volume is the result of cooperation between the department of Japanese Studies at Leipzig University and the internationally reknown contributing authors. The editors hope that it will give an idea of the range of research and teaching at this department.

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