Research of popular religion of Lianjiang Basin in Guangdong, China

Name: Li Guoping 李國平
Email: liguopingcy [at]
Thema: Research of popular religion of Lianjiang Basin in Guangdong, China

This research project focuses on the process of transmission of popular religion, the formation of regional cultural generality, and the interaction between state and local society. Chanshan area includes Shantou, Chaozhou and Jieyang city today, which is the core area of Chaozhou area in history. Chaoshao culture has high oneness and strong independence, i.e., common dialect, festival custom, popular religion and so forth. The formation of this kind of regional cultural oneness is a long historical process, and a process of continuous reconstruction. Lianjiang basin is one part of Chaoshan area, whose distribution of popular religion is dense. The study of popular religion in this area could help us to comprehend the life of the folk in history. The main content includes:

1. Historical and geographical distribution of popular religion temples in Lianjiang basin.

2. The generalizing process and diversity of varied gods (shenming).

3. The process of transmission of popular religion among villages.

4. The infiltration process of lineal national consciousness.

All in all, this research attempts to study the historical and geographical process of popular religion in Lianjiang basin. Besides, we might understand the construction of a sense of cultural identity, and the contradiction and interaction between the regional cultural generality and national cultural oneness.