Application Procedures

MA Chinese Studies – Winter Semester 2019/20 and Summer Semester 2020

Please note that application procedures differ slightly for applicants German and foreign degrees!

If you have an undergraduate degree from a German university you need to
1. first pass the academic aptitude test (Eignungsfeststellungsprüfung) of the Institute of East Asian Studies (see below), and
2. then enroll formally as a Leipzig University graduate student, following the procedures outlined on the university’s website.

If you have an undergraduate degree from an institution outside of Germany, you need to
1. first submit an application through the Uni-Assist system. Please note the deadlines and requirements on the Uni-Assist website.
2. then follow the two steps described above.

Institute of East Asian Studies’ Academic Aptitude Test (Eignungsfeststellungs-prüfung):

(Step 1 for applicants with German degrees and step 2 for applicants with non-German degrees).

To register for the aptitude test for the Master’s programme in Chinese Studies, you need to submit the following documents:
• Photocopy of a certificate of higher education entrance qualification according to §17 SächsHSG (such as general higher education entrance qualification, high school diploma, subject-related higher education entrance qualification, or Fachhochschulreife) or a certificate recognized as equivalent by law or by the competent state authority;
• Certificate of a first undergraduate (bachelor’s) degree (incl. transcript of records and diploma supplement) or proof that this degree can be achieved by the beginning of the Master’s programme;
• Proof of Chinese language competence in spoken and written form at the level of rank 5 of the new HSK examination (Xin Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi of 2010), except for applicants whose mother tongue is Chinese.
• Proof of knowledge in English (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, Level B2 or equivalent, documented by an internationally recognized test certificate such as TOEFL or IELTS);
• a curriculum vitae in tabular form;
• a written academic paper (e.g., if already available, a copy of the completed Bachelor’s thesis or a term paper completed in the undergraduate programme);
• a cover letter, in which the applicant explains his/her study objectives and interests, as well as motivation for choosing the Leipzig MA programme.

Please send your application by email to:
Ms. Dany Habich
Institute of East Asian Studies (Chinese Studies), Schillerstr. 6, 04109 Leipzig, Germany

The complete application documents must be received by

14 June 2019 for the winter semester 2018/19, and 17 January 2020 for the summer semester 2020.

In most cases, an additional interview will be held on

28 June 2019 for the winter semester 2018/19, and 31 January 2020 for the summer semester 2020.

Please reserve this date!The applicants concerned will be informed at least one week in advance. Examination interviews may also be conducted via video conference (e.g., Skype or Facetime) if the applicant’s personal presence in Leipzig is not possible.

Attention! As already mentioned above, the passed aptitude test is not the final step in the procedure, but merely a prerequisite for the application for admission to the Master’s programme at the University of Leipzig. This formal application must be submitted to the University by the specified deadlines.

The exact admission requirements can be found in the Curricular Regulations and Aptitude Assessment Regulations of the MA in Chinese Studies programme. Please note that a formal undergraduate degree in Chinese Studies is not an absolute requirement for admission. Graduates of other BA programmes can also apply if they fulfil the other requirements, in particular the expected level of competence in the Chinese language. For specific enquiries regarding the Master’s programme in Chinese Studies, please contact the graduate adviser.