Procedure for Starting a Master Thesis

1. Preparation
Once you know your general area of interest, consult with one of the following faculty members as a possible first thesis adviser:
• Prof. Dr. Philip Clart
• Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Kaske
• Dr. Jörg Henning Hüsemann
• Dr. Merle Schatz
You can choose a second thesis advisor from outside the department depending on your research topic.

2. Research Proposal
You will have to write a research proposal and get approval from your advisor before you formally register your thesis. Please note that:
1. Your advisor has to sign the registration form,
2. You will have only limited time to complete your thesis once formal registration is completed.
Check the guideline “How to Present a Research Proposal” for details.

3. Formal Registration
Formal registration of your Master Thesis is only possible at specified deadlines in summer and winter at the Examination Office:
Corinna Günther
Beethoven Street 15
GWZ – Room H5 0.09
04107 Leipzig

Information regarding deadlines, application forms, and documents to be submitted can be found here:

4. Student Advisory Services

Chinese Studies Department: Dr. Jörg Henning Hüsemann,
Student Office of the College of History, Art, and Oriental Studies,